US H-1B Work Visa

US H-1B Work Visa – Top 6 Benefits for Foreign Workers

The H-1B visa remains to be famous in the country due to its benefits and simplicity as you only need to have a bachelor degree and job offer letter from the American company. It is used by the employers to hire foreign workers to fill the available positions in case there are no American workers specialized in such positions. Some of the H-1B visa benefits include the possibility of extending your stay, any person can apply it, can be used to legally get permanent residency, portability, easy to apply, and allows you to bring your family members like your spouse and children. Here are the top 6 benefits of H-1B work visa:

#1. Long Term Duration and Possibility of it being extended

Unlike other working visas which have not only a fixed period of working in the country but also short working period, the H-1B visa allows you to extend your stays after the completion of the agreed period. For instance, your employer may request you to stay if your performance is outstanding. Your H-1B visa will be extended for the period of three years once you and your employer come in agreement.

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#2. The H-1B visa can be applied by any person

H-1B visa provides an opportunity to all foreign professionals across the world to apply for it regardless of your ethnicity, religions, race, and location. You only need to have at least a bachelor degree as well as a letter of job offer from any of the American companies in order to qualify. Other working visas, for instance, E-2 visa are only provided to individuals from the countries that have signed a treaty with the U.S.A.

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#3. Freedom of bringing your family members

One of the H-1B benefits is your freedom to bring your family members into the country. Not all working visas allow you to bring your spouse and kids. With the H-1B visa, a holder has the freedom but their stay depends on you.

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#4. Freedom to move from one employer to another

Obtaining the H-1B visa not only provides you with the opportunity to work in America but also the freedom to change from one employer to another. You can decide to work for multiple employers on a part-time basis depending on how you effectively manage the time.

#5. Ability to get permanent residency

Another benefit of getting H-1B visa is that you can use it to legally get permanent residency in the country and this makes it more advantageous compared to other types of working visas like TN which is only given to people from Canada and Mexico.

#6. Easy to apply and obtain

Getting the H-1B visa is very easy due to the fewer requirements one has to provide during application. You are only supposed to provide at least your degree and appointment letter showing that you been have given an opportunity to work in the country. The letter of job offer needs to clearly show the company that is offering vacancy to you.


In general, obtaining a work visa like H-1B visa provides many benefits to you while working in the country. Some of them include extending your stay, you can use it to legally get permanent residency, and allows you to bring your family members into the country.

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