Latest Changes to the Canada Immigration System in 2018

Each year, Canada is trying to simplify the immigration rules in order to attract more immigrants from all over the world. Justin Trudeau’s government has taken upon itself to make key changes that help Canada in acquiring the best talent from around the world. The Express Entry program is a great achievement by Canada. This program clubs different immigration streams into one.

Immigration rules and laws keep on changing frequently. So, it is always advisable to stay up to date about recent changes made to immigration programs. These changes might impact you in some way or another. If you’re planning to apply for a Canada PR in 2018, then this article is for you. Go through the details mentioned in the article and you will be privileged in acquiring permanent residency visa for Canada. By following these new rules, you can acquire Canada PR visa quickly. Let’s talk about these new changes about Canada immigration system.

Here is a list of all the recent changes to Canada’s immigration programs.

Latest Changes to Express Entry

Express entry rules are revised each year to simplify the program further. The recent rules are a true benediction for all. Since this program is points based, you should know about all these changes before filing your application. Having a transparent knowledge about the latest changes in the rules and laws improves the chances of visa approval. With the clear knowledge of the changes improvised you reduce the hassle of unnecessary beating around the bush. You need what documents you need, its validity, total fees etc. Ultimately, it makes the visa obtaining process short and more positive.

Phone a Sibling:

If you have a sibling living in Canada, then you can garner additional 15 points straight away. Grabbing 15 points instantly helps to get a good CRS score.

Job Profile:

Till now, if you hadn’t been sponsored by a Canadian based employer, then you had to make a profile in the job bank of express entry program. This rule was compulsory for all applicants. Now, you don’t need to make such a profile unless you want potential employers to find your resume. The new rule has to be followed by the applicants; it helps to get a deserving applicant for the related job profile.  If you’re not sure for which types of jobs you can apply, see the best jobs in Canada for immigration or apply in 2018.

French Language:

Earlier, only the Quebec province in Canada required applicants to know French well. While French still isn’t a requirement, but having good French language skills can bolster your CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) score by an additional 30 points. So, French is required basically for fetching a good CRS score.

Conditional Permanent Residence

This rule was enforced so that no one would use the marriage system to get PR for the country. This rule required that the sponsored applicant has to stay with their spouse who sponsored them for at least 2 years. This became a burden for many and hence the rule was scrapped this year.


Earlier the age limit for dependent children was 19. Now the age limit has been augmented to 22. Hence, you can now mention any of your children who are 22 or under as dependents on your visa application. Many visa programs enable you to bring along any of your dependents with you. So, no more homesickness or staying away from your loved ones and family. Your dependents can accompany you to Canada as per the latest amended laws for Canada PR application.

The changes in the Canadian PR visa is brought into effect and the individuals who are seeking for the PR visa should know about the alterations made. The further process becomes easy and acquiring the visa becomes a cake walk.

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